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Decorama 2016 tapeta

Elegant floral patterns, stylish retro designs and daring brick effects. Decorama is an extensive collection of modern wallpapers for every room in your home featuring bright and warm colours with elements of shimmering mother-of-pearl and more muted shades. Some of the wallpapers in the collection are produced using an exclusive collograph technique that lends a vibrant and genuine feel to the pattern. All 60 wallpapers are tough and durable EasyUp wallpapers that ensure smooth, seamless walls, and which are as easy to put up as they are to like. Here you will easily find new favourites that complement your individual style and give your home a cosy, comfortable feel.

Rozmery: 11,20 x 0,53m

Číslo tovaru: 7058

Doručenie: 10-15 delovni dan

Minimálne objednané množstvo: 1 kotúč

Odporučené lepidlo: Metylan Direct

Označenia na etikete tapiet::

Cena: 48.68 EUR 43.81 EUR / kotúč